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Converting string to Date and DateTime in PHP (Fast & Easy Way)

Posted in: Web Development

Recently we were working on Computer Institute’s Web Application and there we need to display the upcoming fees list of students…

…so for that we need to compare dates (today with next 10 days).

The date of today we can get from date(); function but the date which stored in database was string.

So that’s where we need to convert date string into date and DateTime.

Let’s know how to convert strings into date.

Convert String to Date PHP

First of all, Let me tell you that we have below embedded 2 code snippets, both are working great.

Just copy either first code or the 2nd one and paste it into your file where you need it.

Code to Convert String to Date (Require: PHP 5.3)

This one is best and it is based on OOP.

Code to Convert String to Date

After that:

Change the date as your date or assign a variable of your string date in which stored.


Save the file and view the result in your browser.

That’s it.

Hope the above code helped you.

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