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Customize Navigation Menu Genesis Theme (Guide 2021)

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Do you want to customize the Genesis Navigation Menu in terms of positioning, Unregistration, setting primary, secondary, superfish, etc.

Then you came to the right place.

Here we have shared all genesis menu items related snippets, here are the list for those snippets:

Reposition Navigation Menu:

To change the position of your header like before header, title, content, etc.

You need to use the following codes:

In the following code

After that, save (in code, we changed the primary menu position after header to before header).

Reposition Navigation Code Snippets

In the above code, we changed the primary menu position after header to before header.

If you want to change position to somewhere else, enter the hook name (for knowing hook place download Genesis Visual Hook Guide Plugin) where you want to place the navigation.

Change Secondary Navigation Position:

Just like the above change primary navigation steps, you have to do the same for secondary navigation menu.

Use the following secondary navigation codes:

Unregister Primary & Secondary Nav.

If you want to remove the primary navbar or secondary navbar menu, use the following code snippets.

Code Snippets:

Unregister Primary Nav.

If you just only want to remove Primary Navigation Menu, then use the following code snippets.

Code to Unregister the Primary Navigation Menu

Unregister Secondary Nav.

To remove the Secondary navigation menu, use the below code snippets.

Code snippet to Unregister the Secondary Navigation Menu

What’s is Superfish?

First, if you don’t aware about the SuperFish javascript plugin, then let me explain in just simple words what is Superfish.

Superfish is the Menu Bar Plugin that use to make the beautiful multi-level drop down menu for PC and for mobile too.

Let’s not talk more and get to the work.

Disable Superfish Script Genesis

To disable superfish script Genesis Theme, we need to put this code in your functions.php file. First Copy the below code and paste it into your Child theme’s functions.php file.

Save the file and view the source page in your browser.

Code Snippets to Disable Superfish Script Genesis

Enable Superfish Script Genesis

To enabling Superfish Script in your Genesis framework, copy the below code and paste it into your Genesis child theme’s functions.php file.

Save & Exit.

Code Snippets to Enable Superfish Script.

That’s it.

Hope it was helpful for you. Don’t forget to share this Navigation Menu Guides for Genesis Theme.